Room 104, Revised

         To blog or not to blog?

May 5, 2011


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I first created a blog way back in 2003.  I was lucky enough to be a part of the first National Writing Project’s Technology Liaison Institute in Huntington, West Virgina.  The blog was titled Room 104 and was housed at Kearn County Schools in California.  The blog had a daily posting about what we were doing  during the day, plus we also discussed books and I also uploaded assignments for students.  It worked really well.  Most students and parents didn’t utilize it, though because it was such a new thing.  Once the site closed down, the blog did too.   Since that time I have created other blogs.  One of them can be found here at  It is called My Little Corner of the World. I created this blog for a class at the University of Nebraska called Place Conscious Teaching.  I used it as an example for other teachers who were taking the course to show them what they can do with a blog.

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